Cyber Security Warning


Please be aware that businesses are increasingly being targeted by cyber criminals. Our account details will never change during the course of a transaction. If our account details change, we will advise you by a secure two-step process. We will never send you an email or SMS, or telephone you, to advise you of a change to our bank account details or to request the transfer of funds. Please be vigilant as cyber criminals may send you emails that may appear similar to our normal emails (for example, a spam email address may adopt our layout and formatting but may be spelled differently than it would otherwise normally appear). If you are ever in doubt, you should call our Melbourne office on 03 8331 3333 and speak with a familiar contact. We will never ask you to call an alternative telephone number, other than our main office number, to verify bank account details, or to request the transfer of funds. If you ever receive an email, SMS, or telephone call advising of a change to our bank account details, please disregard it, and notify us immediately by calling us on 03 8331 3333.