Glazing Systems

Alclad Architectural are specialist suppliers and installers of architectural aluminium windows and glazing systems offering Best Advice and Best Finish.

Commercial window and curtain wall glazing is our speciality. At Alclad, we specialise in designing and installing aluminium windows and glazing that will not only enhance the appearance of your building, but also significantly improve comfort levels indoors.

We have extensive experience working on large scale projects and liaise closely with architects and end clients to ensure products are specified and installed correctly.

For your next project, partner with Alclad Architectural for the ultimate in window design and practicality.

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Key Benefits

Enhance Building Design
Windows are often thought of as only a means to letting light and fresh air into a building. However, the external appearance can be dramatically enhanced by the style (and location) of glass windows and doors. Our experienced team can advise on architectural glazing options to augment the design of your building.

Energy Efficient
With up to 40% of a building's energy for cooling or heating being lost or gained through windows, improving their thermal performance reduces energy costs and your greenhouse gas emissions. By installing double glazed windows and/or thermal break frames, you will significantly reduce the number of times the Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning/Cooling (HVAC) systems are turned on and off.

As population density increases, insulation from noise is becoming more and more important when selecting doors and windows. Double glazed aluminium windows provide superior insulation from noise pollution such as street traffic and industrial machinery. Noise can pass through windows via gaps between the frames and windows or poor sealing. As specialists in architectural glazing and design, we manufacture all frames and seals to fit perfectly to specification. We pay particular attention to sealing detail during installation and use only the highest quality components and fastenings to ensure long term durability.

Comfort is often overlooked in the selection of windows in building design. However, the location of windows (including the direction they are facing) and the type of product selected, can have a major impact on the atmosphere within the building. By keeping out unwanted noise and maintaining a constant temperature, architectural double-glazed windows create a quiet, comfortable indoor ambience and a wonderful feeling of spaciousness.