Alclad has over 50 years of experience in the building industry, with over 10 years specialising in cladding facades.
We are a leader in the field for supply and installation of quality facade solutions.

With our experience and skills, we are uniquely positioned to offer a high quality of service to both residential and commercial clients regarding recladding, whether this is the complete building or specific panels only in non-combustible aluminium products.

Our supplied facade products are certified industry compliant and come in a full range of colours, which allows colour matching. This allows you to enjoy peace of mind that your building is safe and compliant adding value to the property.

Recent events with flammable cladding have caused industry and public concern, raising questions about whether your facade cladding is compliant. Due to this awareness, there has been a shift in industry standards exposing people to risk around the compliance of their building facades.

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Non-combustible wall cladding, soffit lining or feature cladding, Alclad Architectural is your specialist recladding team.

  • Cladding assesment and testing
  • Consulting and advice
  • CAD design
  • Non-compliant product removal
  • Waste recycling/disposal
  • Re-battening or straightening structure
  • Inhouse CNC machining of new compliant panels
  • Installation
  • Warranty signoff
  • Registered Licensed Roof Plumber 44748

At Alclad we work with you to ensure the design is compliant, we have specialist machines and skilled staff to ensure we fabricate precisely and unrivalled experienced installation teams.